We are able to offer all of our clients a very comprehensive accounts preparation package. From the moment you pass over your books and papers or computerised records we start preparing your accounts.

After discussing your requirements we very quickly produce a set of draft accounts for your agreement. Only when you are completely satisfied with the figures do we produce the final accounts.

Your accounts are produced to a very high standard. In fact, the same standard as those accounts which we have prepared over the last twenty-five years and which have regularly been inspected and approved by the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, all of the major Banks, H M Revenue & Customs and various other government departments.

We can provide either Income and Expenditure accounts or full accounts as required by HMRC and the major Banks. Full accounts are acceptable at Companies House or we can provide abbreviated accounts at a small additional charge.

We do not just prepare accounts and leave it at that. We work very closely with our tax department in the course of preparing your accounts. We have in place various systems which we have designed over the years to automatically enable us to extract any relevant information which may give rise to a tax saving. We continually strive to give you the best possible professional advice at no extra cost to you.