National Insurance contributions and the link to State Pension and benefits

Individuals need to take care to ensure that they are properly registered to pay National Insurance contributions (NICs).
If you do not pay National Insurance contributions, or get NI credits, or Class 2 payments have been refunded because they were not registered properly for Class 2 then you may have gaps in your NI record.
This can mean that you may not have enough qualifying years to get the new State Pension (nSP) or your entitlement may  be reduced.
You can find more information about this at Your National Insurance record and your State Pension - GOV.UK.
HMRC encourages customers to use their Personal Tax Account to check their state pension.
You can also use your Personal Tax Account to view your NI record and identify any NI shortfalls through the ‘View your National Insurance record’ page.
Class 2 NICs, paid by self-employed people, may also count towards other contribution based benefits – What National Insurance is for – GOV.UK.
If you are self-employed and not paying Class 2 NICs you may need to complete  and submit form CWF1 to register for paying NICs.